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My involvement in the industry began at Record Plant Studios in New York. I also had the opportunity of working at the Village Recorder. In my 17-year tenure, I served as the Supervisor of Electronic Studio Maintenance, Chief Recording Engineer, and General Manager.

My album credits include Animation’s “Obsession”, Supertramp’s “Breakfast in America”, Keith Emerson (Emerson, Lake, & Palmer), The Phoenix Symphony, Wayman Tisdale, The Kingston Trio, Esteban, and George Benson.

In the realm of film, I have been involved with sound design for Disney’s Tron, The Seventh Sign with Demi Moore, and Stephen King’s Creepshow. Working in the field of sound design, I’ve also had the chance to work with television. My work includes many national commercials and the 1988 ABC Network Fall Campaign. Currently I’m an instructor at The Conservatory of Recording Art’s & Sciences in Gilbert AZ and operate a studio design and consulting firm in Arizona.

While teaching at the Conservatory, I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Evan Haley while he attended the Conservatory in 2009. During this time, he completed his internship with me at Porcupine Studio in Chandler, AZ. Evan is very conscientious and demonstrates full knowledge and technical skills in analog and digital recording. One of his first tasks was to assist me in all aspects of recording while tracking vocals for George Benson. Evan conducted himself in a professional manner and demonstrated his determination and dedication to work in a studio atmosphere.

Since that time, Evan has proven again his ability, in the field of sound editing, sound design, and mixing, to be a skillful and remarkable talent. I have watched Evan’s talent grow and mature since he has graduated. His ability to overcome new challenges, and take on demanding projects doesn’t get in the way of his success. His determination is limitless and I look forward to watching his career grow. Evan is dictated to his work, always pushing himself to get to the next level in his career. I highly recommend Evan for an entry level audio engineering position in a post production facility.

Thank you for your time.


Jeffrey Harris

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